Milton Florida Rooms

Florida Room Expert Serves Homeowners in Milton, FL & Surrounding Areas

Florida Room Milton FLIf you’d like to have a Florida room added on to your home in the Milton area, then you’ve come to the right place. At Titan Sunrooms, we’re committed to building structures that have four essential qualities: durability, strength, aesthetics, and value. We ensure that our Florida rooms have these four essential qualities by using our own proprietary building materials to make them.

Colorbeam is one of our proprietary materials – it’s the material we use to frame-out every Florida room. It is pound-for-pound stronger than traditional aluminum and it won’t rust or rot. Additionally, it’s highly resistant to corrosion, which is perfect for areas near the coast like Milton, FL. MegaSips is our other proprietary material, which we use for walls and roofs. MegaSips panels also won’t rust or rot, are highly energy efficient, and are resistant to leaking.

By having a Florida room installed by the experts at Titan Sunrooms, you can:

  • Add to the square footage of your home and increase its value
  • Create a new room where you can spend time with friends and family
  • Create a space where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery around your home without being negatively affected by bugs and rain

Additionally, when you choose Titan Sunrooms to install a Florida room at your home, you won’t have any lack of stylistic options. That’s because our structures are available in nearly unlimited color options, in both studio and cathedral profiles, and can be roofed with shingles that match the look of those currently on your home.

Contact Titan Sunrooms today if you’re interested in having a Florida room installed at your home in Milton, FL, or a nearby area. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.