Navarre Florida Rooms

A Florida Room Could Be the Perfect Addition to Your Home in Navarre, FL, or Nearby Area

Florida Room Navarre FLImagine having a new Florida room added to your home in Navarre, Florida. You’d be able to sit down and relax, protected from bugs and passing storms, while enjoying natural light and gentle breezes that pass through the room. There’s a reason it’s called a Florida room – it’d be your own little slice of paradise!

Homeowners in Navarre, FL, and surrounding areas looking for a company that makes Florida rooms can turn to Titan Sunrooms. We are 100 percent committed to providing beautiful products that last, which is why we manufacture our own materials to build our structures. Unlike traditional materials like wood and steel, the building materials that we make – Colorbeam and MegaSips – aren’t susceptible to rot, insect damage, rusting, scratching, warping, or fading.

Additional benefits of our proprietary materials include:

  • Colorbeam – This framing system is pound for pound stronger than traditional aluminum and will stand strong for many years to come.
  • MegaSips – MegaSips panels, which are used for walling and roofing, are available in two different insulation levels that exceed the industry standard, so they are highly energy efficient.

Plus, when you choose Titan Sunrooms, you can be sure you will have plenty of stylistic options when it comes to your Florida room. Our structures are available in the cathedral and studio styles, in virtually unlimited color options, and can be roofed with shingles that match the look of those currently on your home.

If you are interested in investing in a Florida room for your home in Navarre, FL, or nearby area, contact Titan Sunrooms today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.