Panama City Florida Rooms

Have a Florida Room Added to Your Home in Panama City, FL, or Nearby Area

Florida Room Panama City FLImagine having a Florida room where you can spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the beauty of the outdoors without being plagued by bugs, heat, humidity, or inclement weather. If you are thinking about adding a Florida room to your home and you live in Panama City, Florida, or a neighboring community, consider partnering with the experts at Titan Sunrooms. We are committed to building beautiful, long-lasting sunrooms that homeowners can enjoy for many years to come.

Indeed, our commitment to building long-lasting structures reveals itself in many ways. One of which is the fact that we actually manufacture our own building materials. This way, we don’t have to rely on a third-party manufacturer and can guarantee the highest quality at the most foundational level. RESISTREN is one of our proprietary materials; it comprises our sunrooms’ frames. Pound for pound stronger than steel, RESISTREN is made to provide unwavering structural support. MegaSips is another one of our materials – the paneling system that we use for walling and roofing. MegaSips panels come with a standard insulation rating of R-17, which can be upgraded to R-25. They will help to increase the energy efficiency of your Florida room.

In addition to manufacturing our own building materials, there are many other reasons to consider choosing Titan Sunrooms to build a Florida room at your home in Panama City, FL, or another nearby area. For example, our sunrooms:

  • Are available in studio and cathedral styles
  • Can be roofed in shingles that match the style of those currently on your home
  • Can be custom-coated in any color of your choosing

If you would like to have a Florida room added to your home, or to learn more about our proprietary building materials, contact Titan Sunrooms today. We proudly serve homeowners in Panama City, FL, and all the surrounding areas.