Milton Florida Rooms

Florida Rooms Built for Homeowners in Milton, FL & Neighboring Communities

Florida Rooms Milton FLThe Florida rooms installed by Titan Sunrooms for Homeowners in Milton, Florida, and surrounding areas are made to last and have very low-maintenance requirements. That’s because, at Titan Sunrooms, we weren’t satisfied with the pitfalls of common materials used to build sunrooms. Wood rots, vinyl is flimsy, traditional aluminum rusts, and all require a significant amount of effort to keep healthy. So, the team at Titan Sunrooms set out to create Florida rooms that would be long-lasting without requiring tons of maintenance.

That’s where we came up with the idea to manufacture our own building materials. Here is a little bit of information about the proprietary materials we use to make Florida rooms for homeowners in Milton, FL:

  • Colorbeam – This is the framing system at the core of all of our structures. It is a recyclable material that is pound for pound stronger than traditional aluminum, and it will never rot, rust, or succumb to damage that can be caused by insects and little critters.
  • MegaSips – This is the paneling system that we use for walls and roofs. MegaSips panels are available in two different insulation levels that exceed industry standards. These panels will also never rot, rust, or be damaged by insects or critters. Plus, they are resistant to leaking.

In addition to being durable and having low-maintenance requirements, the Florida rooms built by Titan Sunrooms are available in nearly unlimited colors, in both studio and cathedral profiles, and can even be roofed with shingles that match the look of those currently on your home.

For more information about the Florida rooms that we make for homeowners in Milton, FL, and surrounding areas, contact Titan Sunrooms today. One of our courteous and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help you.