Pace Florida Rooms

Florida Rooms Built for Homeowners in Pace, FL & Surrounding Communities

Florida Rooms Pace FLMany homeowners in Pace and surrounding areas prefer the Florida rooms built by Titan Sunrooms because of the company’s commitment to making a superior product. Traditional materials that are used to build sunrooms – materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum – all have disadvantages: wood rots, vinyl is flimsy, aluminum rusts, and all require a significant amount of upkeep. That’s why, at Titan Sunrooms, we don’t rely on any of these traditional materials and instead make our own that require minimal maintenance and are extremely long lasting.

Colorbeam is one of the core products used as the framing system of our Florida rooms. It is pound for pound stronger than traditional aluminum and won’t rust or rot. MegaSips is the paneling that we use for the walling and roofing of our structures. It comes standard with an insulating value of R-17 and is upgradable to R-25, so it is highly energy efficient. It also expands and contracts with changing temperatures, which reduces the likelihood that a leak will occur.

In addition to being incredibly durable and long-lasting, the Florida rooms that we make for homeowners in Pace, FL, and surrounding areas:

  • Are available in both studio and cathedral styles
  • Are available in many different color options
  • Are available with different shingle options
  • Have large wall and ceiling panels that let in an abundance of natural light

Contact Titan Sunrooms today for more information about the Florida rooms that we make for homeowners in Pace, FL, and surrounding areas. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be glad to assist you.