MegaSIPS Roofing Systems Gulf Breeze


The MegaSIP Roof System

WeatherX by Valspar
40 Year Roof Coating
Solar Reflecting
UV Blocking
Dirt Resistant

Panels can expand and contract freely without causing stress to the seam or critical mechanical connections. This results in a much longer lasting roof system that stays cool, repels water, needs less upkeep and keeps you comfortable.

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megasips roof2
MegaSIP Roof System Standard Roof Panels
Insulating Value R-17 Standard. R-25 upgrade requires no change in panel thickness. R-12 Standard. Upgrade to R-24 requires increase of panel thickness to 6”. These panels are architecturally out of proportion.
Thickness 3.5” Standard. 3” Standard.
Core Density 1.5lb EPS Standard. 50% more density provides increased R-value and panel rigidity. 1lb EPS Standard. Lower core density increases panel deflection and reduces rigidity.
Facers .024 gauge Tempered Aluminum. A 1.5”- 90 degree “Power Bend” on each side maximizes facer stiffness as well as facer to core contact at critical panel connections. .024 gauge Aluminum. Facer to core contact is limited by the need to create interlocking bends. Results in weakness at panel connections where there is no facer to core bond.
Roof Coating WeatherX by Valspar with a 40 year warranty. Siliconized polyester solar reflecting coating is formulated for maximum color retention and extreme fade resistance. Standard polyester paint with only a 10 year warranty. Does not provide the long-term color and gloss retention of higher quality coatings resulting in fading, chalking and heat build up.
Panel to Panel Connection Resistren I Beams structurally connect panels and allow for expansion and contraction while protecting panel seams. Covered seams shed water and protect seals. Snap together via a male/female interlock. Panel seams are exposed and covered with caulk or tape. Subject to leaking and seal failure as “locked” panel seams shift and degrade from direct exposure.
Gutter System RainPro gutter system has 2x the carrying capacity of standard sunroom e-gutters. Gutter is sloped to allow for proper drainage. E-Gutter cannot be sloped. The high front face forces water back up the roof line when the gutter fills during heavy rains. The weight of this water causes leaking and can result in structural roof failure.
Electrical No electrical beam is needed. Fixtures can be mounted with our flex mount kit anywhere on a panel, this allows more design flexibility. Isolated fixture prevents any possible water intrusion from reaching powered fixture. Requires a dedicated electrical beam to run wiring. Limits location of fixtures such as lights or ceiling fan in panel limiting design flexibility. Electrical beam can channel water leaks to powered fixture.
Polyester Roof Coatings
roof1Susceptible to fading, dirt accumulation and the damaging effects of thermal cycling. These factors decrease the roofs ability to reflect UV energy resulting in the absorption of heat and expedited degradation of roof integrity even with lighter colors as shown here.They have a much shorter life cycle of 10 years or less as shown by the limited 10 year warranty associated with these roofing panels.

Interlocking Roof Panels
roof2Industry standard locking panels simplify the installation process but create a variety of problems when it comes to water infiltration. The absence of a raised seam typically found in residential and commercial metal roofing creates an exposed seam that is easy for water to infiltrate. This seam must be sealed thru extensive surface caulk that creates an unsightly appearance as shown here. This exposed seam is exposed to weathering 24/7 and must be resealed on a regular basis in order to prevent leaking.
Interlocking Panels Side View
leak2Metal roof panels can expand and contract ¼” to ½” as they heat up during the day and cool down at night. This places stress on the locking connection as panels pull apart and shrink back together. As this thermal cycle continues the only barrier of protection is the integrity of the layer of caulk spread into
the seam. Some contractors will use tape products that eventually bubble and trap water at the seam connection on making the problem worse.
The Problem with E-Gutter
gutter1Gutters serve a basic but important purpose. They carry water away from the structure in order to prevent erosion of the foundation. They do this by collecting rainwater at the roof edge and channeling it to a downspout by way of slope.

E-Gutter is a version of gutter typically used in the patio industry. It was made to eliminate the need for a secondary fascia trim by combining gutter with a fascia element and making it into one profile called E-Gutter. This consolidated materials and reduced costs however it created a much bigger problem. E-Gutter cannot be sloped. In addition to this the decorative fascia at the end of the gutter is actually higher than the roof line.

What does all this mean to you? In a light rain, not much. However, there are those times each year when it just pours. When this happens, water cannot drain fast enough because E-Gutter does not carry enough nor is it sloped properly to transfer water to a downspout. As a result, water is trapped and backs up the roof often times resulting in catastrophic roof failure or at the very least persistent roof leaking that cannot be avoided over the long term.

The RainPRO Gutter System Advantages


2X water carrying capacity than E-Gutter
It can be sloped
Larger downspouts
No raised face to trap water
Good Housekeeping Rated
Scratch resistant surface finish
End caps that prevent water from entering into panels at gutter ends