MegaSips Wall Systems

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MegaSips Wall Systems Standard Plastic & Aluminum Panels
Thickness & Core 3.5” EPS Core R-17 Insulating Value
Termite Treatment
3” R-12
Standard EPS
Facers 24Guage Galvalume Steel
Dent Resistant
Water Resistant
Mold and Mildew Resistant
Insect Resistant
Class A Fire Rated
Thin plastic or aluminum
.024” to .040” thickness
Susceptible to substantial warping when exposed to sun
Colors Ultra Cool Heat & Fade Resistant  Kynar Coatings   Five Standard and 7 premium colors Available in limited light colors white/tan
Dark colors are not an option
Heat Resistance MegaSIP walls have reduced surface temperature. Up to 80 degrees when compared industry standard aluminum wall panels. Plastic panels provide little to no heat resistance and will deform when exposed to heat.
Delamination to panel core may occur.
Warranty 35 Years 10 years or less