Screen Rooms Built for Homeowners in Shalimar, FL & Neighboring Communities

Screen Rooms Shalimar FLScreen rooms enable homeowners in Shalimar and surrounding areas to enjoy the beautiful Florida outdoors without having to put up with pesky insects or the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. The major problem that persists in the screen room industry is that builders use materials that don’t last. Vinyl is flimsy and a terrible insulator. Steel is heavy and prone to rust and corrosion. And wood is susceptible to rot and termite damage. At Titan Sunrooms, we weren’t content with the status quo, which is why we manufacture our own building materials that can be enjoyed for years into the future with minimal maintenance on the part of the homeowner.

The materials that we manufacture to make our screen rooms are the following:

  • Colorbeam – Pound for pound stronger than traditional aluminum, energy efficient, and recyclable, Colorbeam is a framing system that offers many benefits that other screen room materials, such as aluminum, steel, and wood, do not.
  • MegaSips – Available in two different insulation levels that exceed the industry standard, MegaSips is the paneling system that we use for walling and roofing. In addition to being energy efficient, MegaSips panels are colored through so they won’t scratch and rust.

There are plenty of other reasons why homeowners in Shalimar, FL, and surrounding areas choose the screen rooms made by Titan Sunrooms. For example, they are available in both studio (flat roof) and cathedral (sloped roof) styles, they can be roofed with shingles that match the look of those currently on your home, and they can easily be upgraded into a sunroom.

Contact Titan Sunrooms today for more information about our screen rooms. We proudly serve homeowners in Shalimar, FL, and surrounding areas.