Titan Screen Rooms provide the best solution for insect free enjoyment of your porch. Every Titan Screen Room comes standard with a 3.5” MegaSip knee wall for added protection at floor level. Our hidden connector system provides a stronger and cleaner finish appearance compared with aluminum surface clips or nails that will rust with wood construction.

Let’s see how a Titan Screen Room framed with MegaSips stacks up against those framed with aluminum or wood.

Titan RESISTREN Aluminum Wood
Frame Strength Pound for Pound Stronger than Aluminum and wood. Adequate strength properties. Best used when light weight material is required. Adequate strength
Knee Wall 3.5” MegaSip structural knee wall comes standard. Thin gauge kick plate that is easy to dent. Provides minimal protection. Plywood or OSB requires surface finishing.
20 Standard + custom colors unlimited combinations 3 standard, no custom color No color must be painted
Doors Custom Screen Door with MegaSip kick panel Flimsy aluminum screen door with thin gauge kick plate Wood door
Roof System MegaSip WeatherX Solar Reflecting Panel. R15 to R25 Roll formed, non structural roof system. Requires labor intensive conventional “stick” framed roof and roof covering.
Roof Connection RESISTREN I BEAM allows roof to expand and contract Snap lock prohibits expansion and contraction Conventional frame requires exposed connectors.
Screen Tear resistant fiberglass screen Standard screen Aluminum or steel screen that will become brittle over time.
Weatherability Highly Weatherable. Resistant to Ultraviolet sunlight, heat and acidic environments without loss of structural properties. Average Weatherability. Can corrode when contacting other metals or subject to highly acidic environments. UV resistance depends on coating quality. Poor Weatherability. Without continuous painting wood will rot and degrade. Subject to termite infestations.Flammable.
Cost Average Average to High High


Screen Room Options

Titan has several great options to allow for even more year round enjoyment of your screen room. For those in search of a simple and affordable method to keep the elements at bay Titan offers Windbreaker Panels. Framed with RESISTREN profiles and super tough polyvinyl inserts, Windbreaker panels will allow you to use your screen room even when the weather is not so cooperative.

Converting Your Titan Screen Room to a Glass Sunroom

Another unique feature of every Titan Screen Room is the ability to convert it to a glassed in sunroom. Unlike other screen rooms, no structural modifications are needed to do this. In addition, you will already have the incredible energy efficient benefits of RESISTREN and MegaSips that are absolutely critical for a comfortable sunroom environment. A Titan Project Manager will guide you and make design recommendations to you if you are contemplating converting your screen room in the future.