Expert Sunroom Builder Serves Homeowners in Bradenton, FL & Surrounding Communities

Sunroom Bradenton FLIf you would like to add a sunroom to your home in Bradenton, Florida, or a nearby area, consider working with the experts at Titan Sunrooms. In order to serve our customers best, we don’t rely on third parties for the materials that we use. Instead, we manufacture our own, which enables to keep a tight grip on quality control and be sure that the sunrooms we build can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Every sunroom built by Titan Sunrooms in Bradenton, FL, consists of the two proprietary materials made by our company, RESISTREN and MegaSips. Where RESISTREN is the framing system at the base of each sunroom, MegaSips are the panels used for walling and roofing. Here are some of the benefits of each:

  • RESISTREN Sunroom Framing System
    • Pound for pound stronger than steel and aluminum
    • Resistant to corrosive elements like salt and water
    • 800 times less thermally conductive than aluminum
    • Made of silica, a bountiful natural resource
    • Available in unlimited custom colors
  • MegaSips Roofing
    • R-17 standard insulating value, with optional R-25 upgrade
    • 5 inch standard thickness, compared to the 3 inch standard thickness made by some competing sunroom manufacturers
    • WeatherX coating by Valspar, which comes with a 40-year warranty
    • Panels can expand and contract in changing temperatures, protecting seams and preventing leaks
  • MegaSips Wall Panels
    • 5 inch standard thickness with Perform Guard termite treatment
    • Class A fire rated and resistant to dents, water, mold, mildew, and insects
    • Available in unlimited custom colors

For more information about our proprietary products, or if you are interested in having a sunroom built for your home in Bradenton, FL, or a surrounding community, contact Titan Sunrooms today.