Sunroom Construction for Homeowners in Panama City, FL & Surrounding Communities

Sunroom Panama City FLA sunroom is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor scenery around your home without being bothered by bugs, inclement weather, and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Fortunately for residents of Panama City, Florida, and the neighboring areas, there’s Titan Sunrooms. We specialize in building sunrooms that are custom, long-lasting, and beautiful.

What makes us different from the other sunroom contractors in Panama City, FL, that are indubitably saying the same thing? We’re glad you asked. At Titan Sunrooms, we actually manufacture our own building materials, which gives us complete control over the quality of our structures. In fact, every sunroom that we build is composed of our two proprietary materials:

  • RESISTREN – This is the framing system at the core of every sunroom that we build. Pound for pound stronger than steel, RESITREN provides unparalleled structural support, is resistant to corrosion and impact damage, and is naturally energy-efficient.
  • MegaSips – This is the panel system comprising the roof and walls of our sunrooms. The individual panels can expand and contract in changing temperatures, which minimizes the risk of leaking.

Since we manufacture our materials in house, we have the ability to customize every sunroom that we build. Both the RESISTREN framing system and MegaSips wall panels can be custom-coated in any color of your choosing. Plus, our sunrooms are available in both studio and cathedral styles, and they can be roofed in shingles that match the ones currently on your home.

If you would like to have a sunroom added to your home, contact Titan Sunrooms today to schedule your free design consultation. We proudly serve residents of Panama City, FL, and many surrounding communities.