Sunrooms Built for Homeowners in Panama City, FL & Surrounding Locations

Sunrooms Panama City FLTitan Sunrooms is the sunroom builder of choice for countless residents of Panama City, Florida, and neighboring communities. That’s because we’re committed to building custom home additions that are long-lasting and exceptionally beautiful. And, unlike most of our competitors, we use our own proprietary materials to build them, giving us complete quality control.

At Titan Sunrooms, the building materials that we manufacture include RESISTREN and MegaSips. RESISTREN is the framing system at the core of all of our home additions. It is pound for pound stronger than steel, so it provides exceptional structural integrity. And, it’s a superior insulator, which can help to reduce the heating and cooling costs of your new room.

While RESITREN is the framing system of our sunrooms, MegaSips is the panel system that makes up the walls and roof. These panels allow for expansion and contraction in changing temperatures, which minimizes the chances of a leak.

Because we manufacture the materials that we use to build our sunrooms for homeowners in Panama City, FL, and surrounding locations, they are also very customizable. For example, our home additions:

  • Can be coated in any color of your choosing
  • Can be built in both studio and cathedral styles
  • Can be roofed with shingles that match the style of those currently on your home

For more information about the home additions that we build for homeowners in Panama City, FL, and other surrounding communities, contact Titan Sunrooms today.