What makes a Titan Sunroom the number one choice of homeowners across the Gulf Coast? Let’s compare Titan Sunrooms framed with RESISTREN and MegaSips with typical sunrooms framed with aluminum or vinyl profiles.

Titan RESISTREN Aluminum Wood
Frame Strength Pound for Pound Stronger than steel or aluminum. Adequate strength properties. Best used when light weight material is required. Non Structural. Requires steel or aluminum reinforcement.
Heat/Cold Resistance Non Conductive up to 350 degrees. Minimal to no expansion or contraction. Highly Conductive. Excessive expansion and contraction. Poor heat deflector. Deforms at high heat. Brittle in cold temps.
Color Options 20 Standard + custom colors 3 standard, no custom color 3 standard, no custom color
Roof System MegaSip WeatherX Solar Reflecting Panel. R15 to R25 R12 Standard. Non Solar reflecting paint R12 Standard. Non Solar reflecting paint.
RESISTREN I BEAM allows roof to expand and contract Snap lock prohibits expansion and contraction Snap lock prohibits expansion and contraction
Glass Insulated LowE Standard Single pane, optional double pane glass Double pane no LowE standard
Weatherability Highly Weatherable. Resistant to Ultraviolet sunlight, heat and acidic environments without loss of structural properties. Average Weatherability. Can corrode when contacting other metals or subject to highly acidic environments. UV resistance depends on coating quality. Average Weatherability. Will deform under excessive heat exposure. Fading from UV sunlight is typical.
Cost Average Average to High High

Titan Sunrooms constructed with RESISTREN profiles and MegaSips building panels provide the best combination of performance and cost. If you are going to invest in a new sunroom it’s important you make the right decision in regards to the materials used and the company that builds it. Don’t make the mistake of assuming all sunrooms are the same or all sunroom builders are equally capable.

Regardless of whether you choose Titan to build your project or not, we want you to be informed of the many variables that go into building a quality sunroom. Click here to schedule a FREE sunroom estimate today.