What About Hurricanes?

Hurricanes and high wind events pose a unique challenge to sunroom structures. The stress from very high winds applies extreme pressure to the framing structure. Particularly to the connections that are critical to the overall structural integrity of the enclosure.

The picture below shows the end result of insufficient connections coming face to face with hurricane force winds:  Life Threatening Catastrophic Failure.

obsolete5Engineers at Florida State University conducted a study in 2011 and determined that insufficient structural connections pose the greatest risk of structural failure in aluminum construction. They concluded “In summary, connections involving thicker angles, larger and more screws and thicker framing extrusions provide advantages regarding performance and also offer effective financial benefit. ”

Of the 20 connections that were tested the 2″x 2″ x 1/8″ angle with 4 screw attachment points per side provided the best results.  This is the same attachment system used in the Colorbeam Framing System. 

Clip Pic

The picture to the left shows the typical 1 x 1 x 1/16 thick (top) “Capri Clip” used in sunroom construction. Compare that to the Colorbeam clip below that measures the same 2 x 2 x 1/8 thick used in the Florida State Study.  The Capri Clip allows for only 2 #8 screws per side while the Colorbeam allows for 4 #14 screws per side.


Clip pic 2


The picture to the left shows the larger Colorbeam Clip fastened thru the recess slot to complete a structural connection that will withstand the strongest of hurricane winds.

In addition, Colorbeam Framing is 55% thicker than traditional aluminum framing adding to the overall connection strength of the sunroom assembly.

In choosing a sunroom product its often the things a contractor won’t talk about that makes all the difference.  The Colorbeam Framing System was created to address and eliminate the crucial weaknesses of traditional aluminum framing.  As a homeowner, you should not have to worry about critical elements like structural integrity, it should just be assumed. Unfortunately, the aluminum business is filled with countless stories of homeowners who have been duped into buying inferior products that don’t perform as advertised. Without a “System Approach” to framing, the installation crew is left to decide how a structure gets built on the the job site.

The Colorbeam Framing System provides a standardized and simple to follow method for installers in the field.   This way you can be assured that the way your structure is designed by an engineer gets built that way in the field.

So you don’t have to worry about this:

storm pic 1