Titan Screen Rooms

logoManufactured in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we offer Screen Room installation services in Baldwin County Alabama as well as Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties in Florida.  A network of professional screen room contractors offer Titan Sunroom products as well.  Find out who is installing Titan Screen rooms in your town.

Screen rooms are an investment in your lifestyle.  Unfortunately, there has been very little in the way of material choice over the years that was worthy of this investment.  Traditional aluminum framing, susceptible to corrosion was all there was.  As an aluminum  contractor ourselves we heard the complaints: “It looks cheap,” ”Only 2 colors?” “My roof leaks,” “The walls are sweating,” “My roof makes popping noises,” “My kickplate dented,” “Why can’t my ceiling fan be where I want it?” “The metal is fading.”

The complaints were all the same from one year to the next.  With only a select few manufacturers dictating the market, screen room  contractors were forced to offer these products despite the problems associated with them.

At Titan Sunrooms, we decided to take matters into our own hands.   We created the Colorbeam Framing System, a superior alternative to standard aluminum. We also developed MegaSIP Roof and MegaSip Wall Panels as an alternative to leaky metal roofs and cheap metal kickpanels that dented easily.

A unique feature of our Titan screen rooms is our optional upgradeable design into a year round sunroom.  Unlike standard aluminum screen rooms, upgradable Titan screen rooms are inherently energy efficient and structurally sound thanks to our Colorbeam  Framing System.  Many contractors like to call their screen room “Upgradeable” but buyer beware.  Glass ready Titan screen rooms are designed with exactly the same energy efficient materials as our sunrooms giving you the peace of mind knowing that it will be a very comfortable environment once it is enclosed.

For those who don’t want to wait on windows but want to extend the use of their screen room we have WindBreaker Vinyl Panels.  These panels provide protection from the elements at an affordable cost so you can get more enjoyment and use out of your screen room during times of inclement weather.

For more information on Titan Screen Room products contact us for a free design consultation today.