Titan Sunrooms –  Manufactured in Florida.  Built for You.

logoManufactured in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we offer Sunroom installation services in Baldwin County Alabama as well as Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties in Florida.  A network of professional sunroom contractors offer Titan Sunroom products as well.  Find out who is installing Titan Sunrooms in your town.

Sunrooms are an investment in your lifestyle.  Unfortunately, there has been very little in the way of material choice over the years that was worthy of this investment.  Standard aluminum framing, susceptible to corrosion, and an extreme heat conductor is all there was.  As an aluminum  contractor ourselves we heard the complaints: “It looks cheap,” ”Only 2 colors?” “My roof leaks,” “The walls are sweating,” “My roof makes popping noises,” Why can’t outlets be run inside the walls?,” “Why can’t my ceiling fan be where I want it?” “The color is fading.”

The complaints were all the same from one year to the next.  With only a select few manufacturers dictating the market, sunroom contractors were forced to offer these products despite the problems associated with them.

At Titan Sunrooms, we decided to take matters into our own hands.   We created the Colorbeam Framing System, a superior alternative to standard aluminum and vinyl framing. We also developed MegaSIP Roof and MegaSip Wall Panels as an alternative to leaky metal roofs and warping plastic wall panels that look fake.

Our Gladiator Windows combine energy efficiency with structural integrity.  Available in impact and non-impact versions, Gladiator Windows exceed Solar Heat Gain and U-Value requirements for the new 2014 Florida Building Code as well as the International Building Code.

Titan Sunrooms are custom manufactured and built according to your wants and needs.  A design consultation by an experienced Titan Sunroom representative or dealer will be informative and well worth your time.  We are confident  that the quality of our products stand on their own and as a result we will never employ pressure sales tactics designed to get you to forgo learning about other products.  Therefore, we encourage you to do your research and make an informed decision.

To learn more about Titan Sunrooms contact us for a free design consultation.