What We Do

Baldwin County SunroomsAll of our projects start with the most innovative building materials available on the market today.

The choices in building materials that you make now will have lasting consequences far into the future as your project ages over time and must weather the relentless beating of Mother Nature. Our parent company, Titan Building Systems, specializes in the manufacture of ultra durable composite building products. These products are designed to replace traditional building materials such as wood, aluminum, vinyl and steel.

Fairhope SunroomsRESISTREN is Titan’s answer to wood that rots, aluminum that dents, vinyl that warps and steel that rusts. RESISTREN composite framing profiles are pound for pound as strong as steel and 300 times more resistant to expansion and contraction than aluminum. Unbelievably, RESISTREN is often the most economical framing choice to build patio enclosures, doors, windows, fencing, railings, shutters and many other products.

Color variety is another added benefit. We currently offer a palette of 20 standard colors. We also can custom paint RESISTREN in any color you choose for an additional charge. This service is unequaled in our industry. Dark colors and earth tones are now a reality thanks to RESISTREN’S amazing property to resist heat degradation. Heat absorption is a problem commonly found with dark metals and vinyl materials that can promote rapid aging and material failure.

Daphne SunroomsTitan Building Systems also manufactures MegaSips – Structural Insulated Panels or “SIPS.” Specializing in the structural lamination of an insulating core with various substrates “facers,” MegaSips are used to build everything from sunroom roofs, patio covers, privacy walls, sheds, basement systems and much more. The combination of RESISTREN framing profiles and MegaSips is an unbeatable combination that you should take a serious look at. The world of building materials is evolving and Titan is on the cutting edge.